Rent your Villa

Rent out your property and get a good ROI and while your home is well maintained … Rent your property with us!


MallorVillas offers the best conditions for the rental property while we ensure the best care for your property, so that at the end of the contract your property will be returned in a better condition than before. So you can make profitable your property as an investment with up to 10% of the cost.

Our company provides several advantageous conditions:

– Rental guarantee, ie the amount we offer for the object for a period of time (usually six months). Alternatively we also offer weekly rental or on commission base.

– Timely payment. Our payment terms are very favorable rents and offer a complete guarantee and trust payments.

– Care and maintenance of your property. We take care of your property so that it is in a perfect condition .. which is beneficial for both our customers and our shareholders.

– House Trust. Our clients are either repeat customers or with high purchasing power. Your property will always be in good hands. For example, our staff performs daily cleaning as well as an intensive care gardens and swimming pools, simply get a property in a better condition.

– Safety and professionalism. Your home will get all the necessary permits for tourist activities. We also provide an insurance so that both the property and the customer can make use of it. Finally, all national and international legal procedures are respected by MallorVillas.