E.T.V. – Estancias Turísticas Vacacionales (Mallorcan tourism villa permission)

What is E.T.V.?

“Estancias Turísticas en Viviendas” (Touristic stays in houses), which are properties governed by the Law of the commercialisation of touristic stays in houses “2/2005”, released by which regulates the commercialisation of Tourstic Stays in villas across the Balearic Islands.

Why ETV?

They are approved from an authorised person or other touristic commercialisation channel and offer with this certificate a tourism service with all the guarantees of quality.

The totality of the house is ceased TEMPORARILY; which means, there are no contracts for individual rooms or coincidences between guests on the same dates.

The houses have received the quality accreditation by the “Consellería de Turismo del Govern Balear”, this is the mallorcan tourism government.